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Thank you for being brave and making an adoption plan that includes families like us! We want you to be provided with the love and support you need at this challenging time.

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Evette loves to laugh and have fun!

About Evette by Ed

Evette has a joyful spirit that lights up every heart! She values unity in her family, is loyal and patient with people, values mentorship and creating a safe environment for her family to thrive. She makes her mental, emotional, and spiritual health a priority.

Evette is a cosmetologist and owns her own salon studio.

Ed is a natural leader.

About Ed by Evette

Ed loves people and has a huge heart! He is an optimist, valuing faithfulness, sticking with your commitments, honoring people and giving grace to others. His family has a history of fostering and Ed is committed to leaving a legacy to his children that is better than the one he was given.

Ed is a Doctor of Pharmacy and works as a clinical pharmacist for the state of North Carolina.

Our Love Story

We are high school sweethearts, having been together since the 11th grade. Ed chased Evette until she could not resist his charm
(this was written by Ed, of course). We’ve been happily married for 15 years and wouldn’t trade our time together for anything in the world!

Evette aims and Ed takes a snowball to the face!

<meet Sammy

Our dog, Sammy, is sweet, loving, and can’t wait to be a big brother! He loves playing in the yard with our three nieces.